Sunday, January 19, 2014

Teach and Learn Optical Illusion

I want you to look at the picture below and can you see that there is something interesting there? Here is the picture that I've talked about before.

Well, at first glance everyone must be can read the word very well. The word that was pictured there is TEACH. There is nothing strange or weird about the word TEACH above. The word TEACH was written in pink colors with the black theme as the background here. Despite black background, we have also seen that the word was written in a place that looks like a mirror below it. So it seems that we can see the reflection there. But hey, have you notice something? Did you see the word ambiguity when you see the reflection of TEACH's word below?

Well, I hope that without any difficulties you already know about  the ambiguity from the TEACH's word. But if you still can't notice it, let me explain you a little bit about it. But I know that some of you smart enough to know about the word ambiguity that was reflected from this word. Yes, it's true that if you are looking closely at the TEACH reflection, you will find another word there. The word has a similar meaning with TEACH and now can you see it? Yes, you got it. The other word that was reflected from the TEACH word is LEARN. The word LEARN was clearly seen from the reflection because the word TEACH looks reversed when we read it in the bottom. And now, I bet that everyone can see the word ambiguity here. And please to TEACH and LEARN more about the word ambiguity like pictured above.

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